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Gentlemen's Hardware

Plant Water Drippers

Plant Water Drippers

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Keep your indoor and outdoor plants fed while on vacation or work trips with Plant Water Drippers from Gentlemen's Hardware. These plant watering stakes are designed to work with long-necked bottles for large plants and smaller beer or wine bottles for small plants. Self-watering for planters and pots is the perfect solution to under-or over-watering your plants. It also makes for an environmentally-friendly way to upcycle your bottles and water your plants at the same time!

Packaged in a gift box set - these watering spikes for plants are the perfect gift for plant lovers of all experience levels

How it works: As the soil dries, water seeps from the semi-porous ceramic terracotta self watering spike into the soil

How to use: Before placing in the soil, soak the terracotta water spikes in water for one to two hours. Dig a hole before placing the plant watering device into the soil. Watering spikes should be mostly buried in the soil. Fill your long-necked bottle with water, hold your finger over the top, and flip it upside-down to set it in the self watering spikes

Includes: (2) Terracotta watering spikes for indoor & outdoor plants
Product size: 2" w x 7" h x 2" d
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