Trim Your Wick

The Little Secret to a Perfect Candle Burn - The Importance of Trimming Your Candle Wicks

Candles are a HUGE part of our day here at Paddywax by Designworks Collective! And while we may often admire their gentle glow and captivating scents, we get nervous that our lovely customers tend to forget about an essential aspect of candle care - wick trimming. 

We are here to shed some light on the importance of trimming your candle wicks and how this simple practice can significantly enhance your candle-burning experience!

Trimming your candle wicks before each use is crucial for a clean and even burn. When a wick becomes too long, it tends to produce a larger, flickering flame, leading to uneven melting of the wax. This can result in the creation of unsightly "tunnels" down the centre of the candle, wasting precious wax and shortening the overall lifespan of the candle.

A properly trimmed wick helps prolong the life of your favourite Paddywax candles. By maintaining the wick at an appropriate length (usually around 1/4 inch or 6 mm), you can ensure a controlled burn rate, maximising the hours of enjoyment you get from each candle. 

Did you know that an untrimmed wick can also generate excess soot and smoke during burning? Soot buildup tarnishes the vessel, and we wouldn't want that because we all know how much we love repurposing our vessels here at Paddywax! Regular trimming helps minimise soot production, providing a cleaner burn.  

Lastly, proper wick maintenance also plays a vital role in optimising the fragrance throw of our scented candles! A well-trimmed wick allows the scent to disperse effectively, filling your living space with the scent you want to enjoy.  

By regularly trimming your candle wicks, you can enjoy a tranquil atmosphere without the distractions of uneven burns or the unpleasant smell of burnt wicks.


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